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Whether you are 4 or 104 nothing is more magical than a trip to the Yankee doodle Circus.
Imaginations run wild with the breath taking feats of the acrobats,
the stylish presentation of the jugglers and the delightful circus dogs.

the yankee doodle circus is the must see family event.
now in its 29th year
a circus so special you may never want to go home



Appearing for the first time with the Yankee Doodle Circus is the Wu Yandong Trio from China's world famous Bejing Circus.
These elite acrobats will mezmerize you with their mind-boggling maneuvers of contortion and balancing.


The Yankee Doodle Circus Pound Puppies trained and presented by Luciano Anastasini

From the moment they take the stage and until they finish their act to enthusiastic applause,
the audience knows that the delightful group of clever dogs love their job and their trainer, Luciano Anastasini.

“These dogs are my life. I rescued them from shelters and pounds across the country, it makes them extra special.
It takes many hours each day to feed, groom and keeping them in top phyical shape."

“Not every dog can do every trick,” he says. “Some are good jumpers, some are good for the comedy
and some are just super smart and can do anything.
But they all know that there is a big hug and a hot dog as a reward for doing a good job”.

Luciano is a ninth generation circus performer who can trace his roots back to Italy and England.
He comes to Yankee Doodle Circus after several years touring with Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus
 and New York's Big Apple Circus. This is his 3rd tour with the Yankee Doodle Circus.


GERARDO POEMA, the man who juggles with his feet

Gerardo Poema tosses barrels, cylinders and a life-size playing card so fast they are almost a blur.
 He is assisted by his 16 year old daughter, Irina, who is the National Circus hula hoop champion.
The Poemas are one of South America's most accomplished circus families.
This is their first appearance with the Yankee Doodle Circus and an audience favorite.


Ringmaster and Founder of the Yankee Doodle Circus

ABC-TV dubbed him "America's Best Dressed Ringmaster"
Mike says, "I have the best job in the world because I go to the circus everyday!"

All sales are final - no refunds or exchanges - the show is a fund raiser for our local hosts.
Offer good while supplles last. Popular show times sell out quickly.

Due to the hazards of circus performing the program of displays is subject to change

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